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Work & Balance

Generation Y employees are value-oriented and educated employees who are committed to their common good, and consciously exercise their social responsibility. Work & Balance is an important concern for this generation. Accordingly, they also want an employer who is socially active and appreciates employees.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be part of the corporate strategy (Glavas A, 2016). CSR can ensure that every employee can contribute as a person with all their values.



A good conscience is as important or even more important to these employees than the financial advantage. According to a Gallup study, only 14% of employees feel and identify with their employer. These employees bring lasting success to the employer.

Companies have enormous creative power. They are engines for social development.
— Christine Pehl - Lecturer for Value-Oriented Corporate Management

The graph shows the result of a survey conducted in Germany in April 2016 on willingness to pay for the products of socially-committed companies, which was conducted in Germany in April 2016. It was asked how much consumers would pay for a product from a socially-engaged company if the same product would cost 50 euros from a purely profit-oriented company. In total, 76.2 percent of respondents would be prepared to pay more for a product from a socially-engaged company.

This question is part of the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor 2016, which was published in June 2016 by Dr. Ing. Grieger & Cie. The report generated market research was created.

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CSR-Barometer Online CHECK

Welcome to the CSR Barometer, the quick test for small and medium-sized enterprises to determine their own corporate responsibility. This short online check gives you the opportunity to measure your CSR activities and compare them with other companies. At the end you will receive individual information on networks, events and specialist topics. Participation is free of charge and no registration is required. The check is 3 pages long and takes about 10 minutes. At the end, you can have your results output as a PDF file. Click hier!